er CEP MEP Gained Skill Used Notes Arawn - 20 20 Translocation EL0 Arawn - 6 6 Forgetfulness EL0 Arawn - - 1 Hidden Truth EL0 Failure Fremea - 24 12 Teleport EL2 Kiet - 8 4 Mana Reading EL2 Kiet - 20 8 Mana Sending EL3 Sphere Kiet - 10 4 Glamour EL3+ Kiet - 2 - The Elder Language Kiet - 16 8 Tumble EL2 Z'leyra - 8 4 Soul Sight Z'leyra - 6 6 Akasha EL0 Z'leyra - 12 12 Major Illusion EL0 * Item Damage * = Points to be awarded to sheet (not yet) Character Item Damaged * Recverable arrows will have to be collected to get back. With actual time/effort. * Encounter results from Experience [*=Changed since last update] Character Experience Results / Notes Arawn +1 EL - Forgetfulness Updated: 10/18/13 Current Game Date: Sepes 28th 8:57pm Powers & Perils - PBEM Web Page - Adventure #6 "Legacy"
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        This site is a resource place for players and those who wish to get information on joining the game at a later time.  This site will be constantly updated with news and information pertaining to the game itself.  I will also post batches of the posts, I do that so can be read online in order to see what is going on with the game.  I will also have links to various other sites and resources for players to reference during the game. Use your browser's BACK button to go back to this page since the texts are in text format not html.
        Also note that a red check mark - - will note important update posts.

Adventure #6 - "Legacy"

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