* Joining my Powers & Perils

These are the most frequently asked questions about my games
and my game style.

Q: Do you use Perilous Lands?

A: Yes. Theres plenty of material to use from and its a great system.
Even after 2 decades I've barely scratched the surface.

Q: Do you have restrictions on PCs?

A: No. Sorta. I don't mind any type of PC. The only type that
I have to be careful about is the "lucky" ones. That tends
to be the one type - Natural Magicians. That have every spell
in the book and then some. Other than that i don't care.

Q: All races?

A: Yes. Some GMs or Players don't like Mixed Groups. But variety
adds spice. There are cultures where Non-humans aren't welcome.
Those cultures you might find you get at least a spit or as
much as tar and feathering. That's when true role playing comes
in. So I don't mind any race.

Q: Which rule set?

A: Version 1 and Version 2 plus a set of house rules I've come
up with over the last 2 decades.

Q: How long have you been playing? GMing?

A: I've played Rpgs since late '78s. I've run games since mid-80s.

Q: How long have you run P&P?

A: Since it came out. Back when I first saw it in Skirmishes a
local convention. Back in 1983?

Q: Do you run other games?

A: Yes. I run a few other game systems. For a good list of such
take a look at my core website
then hit the Rpg pages.

Q: How long have you had this current game going?

A: June 1999 is when we started Adventure #2. It was a LONG campaign.
it ended this year. Six years. So I don't start games and
not finish them. Adventure #1 took a long time due to many
conflicts and issues. A full year was almost lost due to
a few big issues in itself. Life and work, work and life.
From now on though the adventures will be fairly small.

Q: Can anyone join?

A: Sure. Just speak up! And continue reading.

Q: Where do or have you played in on the PL?

A: My table top games have been Fomoria, Port Doman, Marentia,
Donara, Lemasa, Zen'da and all the various special sites
on a mega campaign that lasted 3 years.

Right now the adventure takes place on the Eastern Zen'da
Plains. The party is mostly from Marentia. Adventure #1
took place on Clima.

Q: What level characters?

A: New characters are fine. However some in the group are
experienced and wealthy due to previous adventures. I use
some of my main world npcs in the game so experience is
high but this gives a great chance for new players to "level up"
since chance of failure is decased.

Q: Why such a large group?

A: Yeah. Its a large party. But a lot of players :)

q: How is character generation done?

A: You have the options of
1. Creating your own.
2. I can create it. This might be fun for you in some ways.
3. You can use my Character Generator program (see pnp website).
I just prefer characters to go on my text character sheet
for ease of editing and reading.

Q: So Version 2 characters are allowed?

A: Yes. Druids, Bards, Priests, Witches. Right now in fact a
Bard has joined the game.

Q: How do you run things? What is pbem?

A: Play by Email.Its a process where I, the GM, present settings
and events and you the player react to them. This has many
advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage: Allows more in depth role playing. More background
and character developement. More detail on the settings.
Can allow the player to decide his fate in his own time.
Disadvantages: Emotion is hard to determine in a post. Its
a lot slower than table games and takes patience and
will power to stay in for the long run.

Q: how long have you been doing PBEM games?
A: Since the '80s on my BBS I've done online games via the BBS
for over 2 decades. Many great compaigns including Hawkmoon,
Stormbringer and Gamma World. The last, GW, I'm most famous
for and still 15 years later get talk about it for some
reason. (? go figure).

Q: How do I post?

a: The game is done on a mailing list. So updates are sent to
you and you reply like a normal email.

Q: What is this Update?

A: My term for a game move.

Q: How often are updates done? Moves?

A: You can do actions ANY time. But I because of my schedule only
do 2 updates a week. These are done on Monday and Friday.
So i tend to work on them late monday night and late thursday
night to send out. This schedule seems to work well. Some
combats could take me 3 hours to type up so 2 is the best I
can do :)

Q: How is magic/combat/private actions done?

A: Magic is handled as normal. You tell me what spells to cast
and what ELs. Combat is same. What weapons and actions to
do. Private actions or (OOC - Out of Character) actions are
sent in private email or in OOC sections.

Q: So you handle all character info?

A: Yes. I'll do ALL the number crunching. This gives you the
player time to PLAY and ROLE play. Which is after all why
we are here. I then update character sheets. I alert you
of experience after combats and any changes. Character sheets
are at the ready at any time if you need them.

Q: Are you a cruel GM?

A: No. But I believe in being responsible. If your atupid.
Then you'll die. If I say you see a acid pit in a room with
the Great Gem of Ever Lasting Money (or something) and you
swim across to get the gem naked. Then death is assured.

Q: So you kill off characters alot?

A: No. In fact I've only killed off 1 PC in 6 years. Another
Triest was a npc which i sued for years and he was killed
in a senseless random encounter during time between Adventure
#1 and #2. Sadly I couldn't prevent his death based on the

Q: So your pretty nice?

A: Yep. :) I'm God. Games Operational Director. So I have
to be. I don't play rule lawyer all the time. However
with that said I'm making things slightly tougher in this
game. In Adventure #1 I did not do armor AV or weapon
FV reductions. Will this time. I care now about food and
water more than last game. So in points I increase the
level of difficulty a bit more.

Q: could I see a sample of the work?

A: Yep. hit the link on the game site below. You'll see a link
for all posts for Adventure #1. Also when you join the
mailing list you'll have access to archives there as well.
I HIGHLY recommend viewing at least some of them to see how
I handle things like Dialogue and Combat.

If there are any other comments or questions just holler.

If your ready to join hit this link
Download Player Pack then read its contents. Return the application and we'll go from there. Thanks. Scott Adams aka Longshot